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Breathing Space is a transformative initiative enhancing the mental health of young people through creativity. 

Since its establishment in 2016, Breathing Space has provided creative therapy and a safe space where rangatahi can explore their experiences and improve their mental wellbeing.

Through a comprehensive blend of weekly arts-led group therapy, individual intervention, and workshops with artists, our programme supports rangatahi in strengthening their relationships, connection with community, and engagement in their identity and culture.

Our sense of creative wellbeing defines who we are, but also how we are. 

At Breathing Space, we use creativity to help rangatahi:

  • Establish a stronger sense of identity and culture

  • Reduce feelings of isolation

  • Enhance the vital connections in their world

  • Manage emotions such as anxiety and stress 

  • Build creative skills and discover achievement.

We advocate for the role of art making in supporting mental health. Through the simple act of making art, we feel connected, see things from new perspectives and make sense of our world, and enable rangatahi to traverse life’s experiences.

We place rangatahi at the centre of everything we do, upholding their voice and choice, and creating a space for growth.

Located in Auckland our initiatives include:

  • In-person one-on-one and group creative therapies.

  • Building a community of support for high-risk youth. 

  • Working alongside communities to enact societal change.

  • Advocating and educating for improved mental health care.

  • Collaborating with artists to lead art-making workshops.

  • Partnering to provide the space, infrastructure, tools and supplies to enable those in marginalised groups and communities to access and participate in creative wellbeing. 

  • Professional development for those who wish to use a more creative approach to supporting rangatahi needs.

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