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City of Tales

After exploring their city for inspiration, rangatahi invited their communitiy to a series of art-making events.

"My community is scattered." "I question myself often." "I am certain that tomorrow is a new day." "I want the world." - Project participants

City of Tales (2018) was named by rangatahi collaborators who got to know their community. After exploring it for inspiration, they then extended an invitation to the community for a sharing of thoughts and creative-making experiences. 

City of Tales was planned as a short-term intervention but it was so loved by rangatahi, whanau, and community alike that it only culminated after a twenty-week long exploration, during which rangatahi were enabled to experience their city anew. After visits to the Auckland Art Gallery and Auckland War Memorial Museum, rangatahi were encouraged to reflect on what it meant to them to be members of a community and, consequently, the changes that they would like see made in their hometown.

Rangatahi used Lego and recycled cardboard boxes alongside other creative processes to explore and construct their dream community. Whanau and the local community then joined us to make art together through a series of community-making events, led by rangatahi. The work was then exhibited through an immersive, widely-attended sharing event which included friends and whanau, local board councillors, police / Youth Aid, Auckland Council, Oranga Tamariki, other local community and government organisations, schools, artists, wellbeing specialists, and other curious individuals. 

City of Tales is a partnership with Changing Minds, Creative New Zealand, Creative Communities, The Ministry of Youth Development | Te Manatū Whakahiato Taiohi, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland Art Gallery, Kaipatiki Youth Development Trust, Youth Aid, and Oranga Tamariki (Youth Justice).

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